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Productivity plays a pivotal role in Singapore's growth by ensuring effective and efficient use of resources. With limited resources and increasing competition from emerging economies, it is critical that Singapore sustains its competitiveness through productivity-led growth.

about hips

Known as the Holistic Industry Productivity Scorecard (HIPS), the initiative allows companies to find out their labour productivity, other useful productivity indicators as well as their performance against industry benchmark.


We encourage companies to leverage HIPS as a form of self-assessment. HIPS provides valuable information on how your company is performing, assist in scenario planning and provides insights on the areas for improvement.

Mentorship for Accelerating Productivity (MAP)

The Mentorship for Accelerating Productivity (MAP) programme aims to impart knowledge and application of productivity concepts, tools and techniques in order to build lean enterprises across all industries and support the building of manpower-lean enterprises with a stronger Singaporean core. For more details, please click here.

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hips calculator

To help companies in their improvement journey, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) has develop a HIPS (Holistic Industry Productivity Scorecard) Calculator which gives the following the key results:

- 10 productivity indicators (e.g Labour Productivity)

- Respective performance percentile pegged to industry benchmark

We encourage you to leverage on the HIPS Calculator as a form of self-assessment to discover valuable information on how your organisation is performing and your benchmark against the industry.

It takes you less than 5 minutes with 9 key financial inputs!


In collaboration with the Government and industry partners, SBF also assists companies in their productivity journey. Companies that want to improve their productivity levels can participate in the various programmes and training workshops offered by SBF.

For instance, the Mentorship for Accelerating Productivity Programme (MAP), is an enhancement of the previous Empowering Efficiency and Excellence (3E) programme, offering companies a holistic approach to raise productivity by reducing manpower needs, minimising processing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction. MAP’s panel of industry advisors will provide invaluable guidance on raising awareness of productivity, identifying enterprise productivity gaps and helping to groom in-house productivity champions. For details, please click here.

The 2-Day Executive Innovation Management Programme Masterclass is designed to help business managers and leaders to acquire the necessary foresight, mindset, skillset and toolkit to innovate in today’s hyper-speed environment. For details please click here.

SBF hands out Singapore Productivity Awards (SPA) annually to recognise locally-based enterprises that have made significant progress in raising their productivity.

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HIPS is designed within SPRING Singapore’s Integrated Management of Productivity Activities (IMPACT) framework. For more information on IMPACT framework, please click here.

HIPS is developed by SBF with DP Information Group as a knowledge partner.